Blog Ennui

This week, I've been very busy in "real life", and I haven't been posting here. Apologies.

Part of what I'm experiencing is not just "budget time" and a huge new project, but I've been noticing a certain melancholic sense when I've been reading blogs and comments.

So much invective. So much disconnection. It started to feel toxic to me, to the point that I really couldn't imagine what I might want to say here.

There's so much to say -- about life, culture, literature, philosophy -- but I've found myself typing, and then just saying: "Oh fuck it."

So, help me out readers. Please post some questions in comments -- help me get jump-started -- anything you'd like to know -- about me, my thoughts, anyone . . . .anyone???

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Emily said... November 12, 2007 at 6:48 AM  

I'm feeling the blog ennui... not so much in writing about things, but in reading. So much anger, so much invective, so little patience with it (on my part). I've turned mostly to writing about things I'm reading (and since I teach literature, that's a lot of reading).

I like your posts about Biblical texts, because you've studied them so much and thought about them so thoroughly -- are there other things you're reading that you could treat us to an analysis of? I always enjoy that...

Fannie Wolfe said... November 12, 2007 at 10:51 AM  

I really enjoy your blog. Specifically, because you are opinionated (in a good way ;-) and well-spoken.

About invective and toxicity... From time to time, I try to engage anti-gay bloggers, some who are civil and some who are not. I don't know why I do it as I have never seen one internet persona convince another to change his or her mind (when it comes issues like gay rights, abortion, religion, etc).

And ultimately, I end up feeling disappointed, angry, and poisoned. I'd be curious to know your take on "internet debates" and engaging those with whom you disagree.

Just an idea :-)

Bradley said... November 13, 2007 at 1:45 PM  

I know what you mean about the anger and bile-- and, like Emily, I've recently been comforting myself designing a blog devoted to the kind of literature I like (creative nonfiction, at At the same time, there are still some bloggers I enjoy reading because of their well-reasoned posts-- in fact, just last week at the big NonfictioNow conference in Iowa City, I told a few other blog-weary nonfiction fans to check out Amanda Marcotte, Jeff Fecke, and teh Portly Dyke herself (among others, to be sure) for that oh-so-hard to come by combination of sensible opinions, above-average writing ability, and good manners.

And I still read and respond to my co-bloggers over at Incertus every single day. They're bitchin'.

As far as questions go... I don't know if you've written about this before, but I was wondering if you had a few favorite books or authors you might recommend? Like Emily, I enjoy your posts about spirituality, but I was also struck by the fact that you mentioned a few months ago that you'd read and enjoyed Natalia Rachel Singer's SCRAPING BY IN THE BIG EIGHTIES. I was actually one of Natalia's research assistants on that book, and while I liked it a lot, it's not the sort of book that got a whole lot of attention, as it didn't feature wizards or haunted cars or lawyers or conspiracies. So, I was kind of wondering what other books or authors you've enjoyed-- or, conversely, would advise people to avoid (if you're feeling negative).

splord said... November 13, 2007 at 6:56 PM  

Ooh! I second "PD's Recommended Reading"!

Steve said... November 13, 2007 at 7:13 PM  

My question is how did you get to be so awesome?
I find myself having war fatigue, politics fatigue, blog fatigue, work fatigue and whatever else fatigue or maliaise you can name.

But on Wednesdays at the phire and Fridays at the virtual Pub or especially when I talk to my Dad or niece (who turned 16 yesterday) I find myself renewed and refreshed.

Because there ARE poeple out there like Jen and Phydeaux and Jack and you.

I say fuck it a lot too and put up a picture of a shelf but you know what? That's OK 'cause PHY will ask a question on the shelf or Jen will comment on the frog or the monkey and then I smile until I say fuck it again.
Rinse and repeat Baby
(Hope that made sense)

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