Landlord Approved

So, in mid-September, this kitty showed up in our yard.

At first, we figured someone new had moved into the neighborhood, and that she was just checking out the new neighbors, but she didn't seem to be going home.

We called the shelters, the vets, and checked all the "lost pet" ads we could find for our area. We even took out a "found pet" ad in the local newspaper, because we were just certain-sure that someone must be looking for this beautiful cat. We fed her and let her inside when she wanted to come in (she's quite the outdoorsy type, but was soon joining us on the bed every night), and we asked around to friends that we knew were looking for a new cat, because we really weren't sure we were ready for a new cat (Little passed away less than a year ago) -- plus we weren't really sure this kitty was "ours" (know what I mean?).

So, for about six weeks, we just hung around together. No one called from the shelter, or the vets, or the paper -- and we . . . . started falling in love. Because really?

How could we not? I mean -- really . . .

We stopped calling her just "White Kitty", and started calling her "Sovereign" (also "Hammy McHammerson", because she seems to vacillate between standing on her enormous gravitas and acting like a complete goofball).

We formally adopted her on Winter Solstice, and as of January 14, 2010, she is officially land-lord approved (we had a pet deposit that was quite specific about the pet it covered, but she is now formally covered by the Pet Rider in our lease).

So we are very glad to welcome Ms. Sovereign Please-Carry-Me-Around-the-House-in-A-Sling & Give-Me-A-Greenie to our briefly catless household.

I will be following up with some film of Hammy McHammerson and the Squirrel in a few days.


Posted byPortlyDyke at 1:19 PM  


Mary Tracy9 said... January 15, 2010 at 12:03 PM  

That is one of the most gorgeous kittehs in the Multiverse.

You so lucky ;)

Emily said... January 16, 2010 at 12:29 AM  

Wow! How lovely! She's a real beauty and terribly sweet!!!

Digger said... April 24, 2010 at 6:51 AM  

Ah, ever late to the party. I just had to comment that she's gorgeous. And isn't it funny how cats adopt their people, and not the other way around? Seems she trained you pretty quick, too :)

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