Day 3 of 2008

I didn't pay any attention to the outside world or the news today, and I'm glad I didn't. I put my head down into a database project (for fun), and had mind-sex with my computer.

I love my computer. I mean, I really love my computer.

That's only fitting, I suppose. I built her with my own hands. She's my own personal Galatia, you might say. She's fast. She's sleek. She's ready and willing and able.

I've had my head up my own ass all day, and I think that was absolutely perfect. The weather outside today was . . . . . well, if I were measuring it by a Cat-Barometer, I'd just say that it was a curl up and sleep day.

I didn't nap, but I definitely rested. I relaxed into the luxury of nothing on my calendar, and traded occasional smooches with my beloved. All in all, a perfect day.

That's me today. I'm cooking on a couple of posts that are requiring thought and care. Look for them in the next week.

I didn't have a flying dream last night, but I did have a very interesting encounter with my sister in the dream-time.

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NameChanged said... January 5, 2008 at 11:48 AM  

i matter!!! I have my first troll comment. Sadly, it is about one of the most joyous moments of my life. I thought that I would share this internet milestone with you, since you are the authority on troll eradication.

PortlyDyke said... January 5, 2008 at 12:25 PM  

Do Tell! Which of the lovely beasties has come to visit you? Jasper, perhaps? He hit me on Solstice with a "you are a very, very sick individual". Lovely. Delete. But if it is Jasper, keep a hold of that comment.

Going to check it out, now.

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