Check Out "Sit Down Comedy" on Sunday, May 10th

Hey everybody! Woo-Hoo! Ever since I started releasing those old standup routines of mine on youtube, I've been thinking about exercising my comedy muscles again -- so . . . . . . .

I'm doing my first-ever "Sit Down Comedy" broadcast on ustream this Sunday (tomorrow - 5/10/09) at 7 pm. You can watch it RIGHT HERE at my blog (scroll down)! Just visit Teh Portly Dyke at 7 pm Pacific time (8 pm Mountain, 9 pm Central, 10 pm Eastern) on Sunday, 5/10/09 -- I'll be broadcasting live via Ustream fer shits and giggles. (Show up a little early -- I'll be warming up the crowd.)

If you want to be able to heckle me (via chat) while I'm being Teh Funny, you'll need to tune in at my home website or at my ustream channel page, where a chat widget is available (yes, it's a funky chat widget, but hey, it's free).

No matter where you view my sit-down comedy, you'll need this password to see the broadcast: TehFunny (case sensitive). (You won't need this password until I actually start broadcasting tomorrow night, when a password box will pop up on the screen below)

I hope that you'll join me -- and may I repeat: WooHooo!!!!

Free TV : UstreamYes! ^^^^ Right up there^^^^ I WILL be TehFunny! (7 pm PST 5/10/09)

If the ads bug you, just click their close box -- I have no control over the ads, because the service is free and that's how Ustream makes its money. I will attempt to mock them appropriately where appropriate.

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NameChanged said... May 10, 2009 at 6:30 AM  

I am so stinkin excited! Great idea

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