Happy May Day

Today was a day of new beginnings, as our long-lingering community member who wanted to leave has finally . . . . left.

Thank Maude.

I'm using the "reset" as an excuse to return to daily blogging commitments. ("Yeah, yeah," you say, "I've heard THAT before."

But no. Seriously.

Truth is -- I miss blogging when I don't blog regularly.

So, welcome to May, and Happy Beltane (sort of Beltane, anyway).

I spent the day clearing spaces and visioning what might be next for the newly-vacated rooms/areas. We had a fabulous session of song in the empty, concrete-walled studio space that's now available for new uses, too -- I drank some champagne and had an afternoon nap (which is rare for me).

Oh, and also -- the fucking SUN was out!!!!! -- and the yard is gorgeous.

Like this kind of gorgeous:

So, I'm in a very good mood tonight.

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